Thursday, April 16, 2009

Susan Boyle, An Angel in Disguise

Susan Boyle, is one of the most surprising heavenly gifts to all the world in a very long time; this world that is so filled with dirty politics, hate, and greed. If you haven't seen her yet, please do take the time to view and listen as this Angel sings.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not Entirely British

Please follow this link to a wonderful blogger,Anne Bradshaw, who has much to share with us all. I'm certain you will enjoy your visit and find something of interest on 'Not Entirely British'.

Make it a GREAT Day!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Today is a day . . . ."

It is Tuesday, November 4, 2008 @ 11:55 PM EST, and liberal America has just elected Barrack Hussein Obama to be our new President. With people who actually believe they won’t have to pay another mortgage payment or rent, or groceries, that all their financial worries are instantaneously resolved with Obama in office; by the woman who incredulously, with no evidence, ‘thinks’ that the only reason McCain selected Palin as his running mate is purely because he thinks she is ‘a beautiful woman with great legs, and that McCain is a dirty old man’; by first time voters who don’t even know what the issues are, and by people both young and old, so many of whom have blindly bought into the eloquent words that spill out of the mouth of Obama.

And so, “Today is a day that will go down in infamy.”

When was this phrase first uttered? The day was Sunday, December 7, 1941; the day America and the world heard on the radio that morning, that Pearl Harbor had jus t been bombed.

Today is the beginning of the dismantling of what is left our Great Nation. It will be devastated as Pearl Harbor was, but this time, this time it will be from the inside. It will be done by this smooth talking man and his wife both of whom are completely against OUR America, the America of our forefathers. As I listen to Obama’s acceptance speech I am deeply saddened, and equally terrified of our future. His charisma evident as he skillfully speaks, ironically, he has just referred to Pearl Harbor! He is naming event after event that this country has been involved in and describing the greatness and strength of America as we dominated in the end of each event. He refers to the past as if with pride, and yet in the same breath cries ‘change!’.

The people, a crowd of some 125,000, are gathered in Time Square, in DC on Pennsylvania Ave, and in Chicago where he is speaking, have smiles, and many have tears of joy, and others amazement as they see for the first time a black President Elect. It is a day that should be one of celebration as our country has finally left behind the racist degradation that is a real part of our past. It is certainly not a past we are proud of, and sadly, there are still some small factions that continue to harbor hatred for those that are other than white. But, thankfully, they are minimal. Unfortunately, we can not join in the celebration because the future is one in which we will see the loss of the last bits of capitalism we have left. It is a future of pure socialism. The Senate is also now predominantly Democrat, gaining 5 seats from the Republicans. This causes even greater fear of the amount of power that this secures for Obama.
Tonight, I will lay my head on my pillow, my heart filled with angst with literal chest pains, as I await tomorrow with dread. Obama wasted no time; as reported by George Stephanopoulis to Diane Sawyer on ABC’s election coverage tonight, at midnight Obama had already had his people sworn in and put in motion his team on National Security the moment he was declared President Elect. Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 5, 2008, he begins moving his people into the Pentagon and the State Department, as stated by White House Correspondent, Martha Raddatz. David Axelrod introduced three individuals being considered for Secretary of Treasury, and stated that Obama will be moving with deliberate speed.

And so, it has begun.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vote Early, and Vote Often - WHAT????

With ACORN so prevalent in the news in relation to the thousands upon thousands of phony election registration forms including multiples for the same people, even Mickey Mouse registration forms have been received, and Obama so directly connected with ACORN, I am appalled when I hear Obama supporters say, "Vote early, and vote often!"
Sheryl Underwood was on The View last Friday, 10/24/2008, and talked about the election. She is a Republican, and wore a beautiful suit in the color of, what she called, Republican Red. I fully expected to hear about why she is a Republican, voting for McCain/Palin. Oh, my, was I shocked when the words “but I’m voting for Obama” came out of her mouth! I dropped my teeth!!! Well, not really, but man, was I taken back, and sat speechless as she talked on and on in a comedic type routine. And there was Elisabeth Hasselbeck, strong Republican supporter of McCain and Palin, shaking her finger and her head at Sheryl in obvious disappointment and saying ‘shame on you’. But the most shocking comment Sheryl Underwood made was, “VOTE EARLY, AND VOTE OFTEN!”
WHAT!?!?!?! I'm seeing BIG RED FLAGS ALLLLL OVER THE PLACE!!!! How about you?
So, I researched the phrase. WOW! Did I find some interesting information on ‘vote early, and vote often’. Let’s take a look at the origin of this statement. Who said it first, second, third, and now we are hearing it among Obama supporters.
The cynical phrases "Vote early -- and often" and "Vote early -- and vote often" are variously attributed to three different Chicagoans: Al Capone, the famous gangster; Richard J. Daley, mayor from 1955 to 1976; and William Hale Thompson, mayor from 1915-1923 and 1931-1935. All three were notorious for their corruption and their manipulation of the democratic process. The expression had an eerie quality to it, especially considering that Al Capone, who apparently had Thompson on his payroll, repeated it as a mantra. On Election Day, so the story goes, scores of Chicagoans–including the deceased–were given countless opportunities to cast their ballots. Needless to say, Big Bill got his hands on the prize, inaugurating the most corrupt administration the city has ever seen. Untroubled by such illustrious forerunners another infamous boss of Chicago politics, the Democrat Richard Daley used the phrase, once again, in the 1950s and 1960s as he ran one of the most well-oiled and hardiest political machines of all times.
Although “vote early and often” is usually associated with Chicago politics, its roots go back to the pre-Civil War period. In 1854, a group of pro-slavery settlers from Missouri called the Border Ruffians crossed into Kansas territory on election day to “vote early and often” on behalf of Kansas for slavery. It worked.
The history of this country is filled with accounts of dirty little tricks on how to fix an election. And now, two centuries later, we hear it again.
I see some things in common with Obama here, let’s see; Chicago, associations with individuals that are known for their forceful tactics, illegal and terrorist activities, and deceitful voting techniques. And, ACORN has taken ‘vote early, and vote often’ to a whole new level, boasting a record 1.3 million low-income minority and young voters registered to vote across the country thanks to their efforts. ACORN is publicly supporting the ‘Community Organizer’, Obama! Watch this clip where Bertha Lewis, Chief Organizer of ACORN boasts the support for Obama. I’m sorry, but I’ve heard this woman interviewed and she was completely unbelievable.
ACORN was faced dead by CNN regarding some 5,000 registration forms the Registrar’s office received the last few days before the deadline for voter registration. Out of the 5,000 forms received the first 2,100 having been checked, there was not one that was valid! Every single one was a phony, and worse some were for individuals that were deceased! There were a number of them that were completed by the same person, creating fictitious persons using addresses of businesses, based on the hand writing and signature. They had made up fictitious names and put them with addresses that they pulled from the phone book, all submitted as actual, authentic registration forms. Brian Mellor, ACORN’s attorney was interviewed but couldn’t answer how that many could be just all in a day’s work and the risk you take when hiring people, claiming that they terminated individuals if they are caught in such activities. See this clip.
Other underhanded tactics used, as heard on talk radio recently involved the state of Massachusetts during the Primaries where Hillary Clinton had three bus loads of individuals brought to the Primary polls who lived in other states but were merely looking at housing in Massachusetts. They were also voting in their home state. Evidently Massachusetts has a law that considers potential property owners as eligible voters.
I noticed on a site that leaned heavily toward the left, ‘Tips on Voting’ and was shocked to see that many states will accept a utility bill or a paycheck as a valid form of ID. Most acceptable IDs can range from a driver’s license, a student or work ID, a social security card and so on. The public is encouraged to ‘make sure your ID is straight’. How is a utility bill or even a paycheck considered valid ID? Show me a valid state-issued picture driver’s license or ID!
So many things are so corrupt with this election; it makes me ill and scares me to death. It is critical that it is impressed upon the citizens of this ‘Great Nation’ of ours the importance of this election, and to remember that "Hitler was elected too!"
I just want to close with the following link, a new song just recorded. God Bless America, Again!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Election Time - Who Shall It Be? - Must See Videos 10-16-08

Please view these videos and pass on the word to all you know!

Election Time - Who Shall It Be?

Do you not find it horrifically alarming that Obama had the American Flag removed from his plane when he had it refurbished and repainted and replaced it with his own red, white, and blue symbol, his symbol of 'change'? Do you not see the writing on the wall here? That the American Flag representing ALL of us as we know it will cease to exist? That his new singular symbol will become the new flag of this ‘new world citizen’ president and OUR country??? Because America as we have known it for generations, as our parents who lawfully came from other countries, who were survivors of concentration camps and the horrors and atrocities of war knew it; and as our forefathers outlined and defined in our great Constitution is rapidly disappearing? Does all this mean nothing to you???

And, YES!!! Concentration camps WERE REAL!!! As were the wars, as was slavery! Right, wrong, or indifferent from which ever side you chose, they were none the less actual events that we should ALL REMEMBER, OR we shall sadly revisit those days in our own time with all new reality personally. History repeats itself! That happens when the people forget their roots, forsake their freedoms, become ‘lazy’ and hand over all the digging and research and evaluating of those potential Presidential candidates to others that they don’t know so they couldn’t possibly know if they were true facts or fabricated fantasy, as well as those with whom they align themselves and what those individuals stand for, their past work history and work ethic.
It terrifies me when a Presidential Candidate turns his back on the American Flag, when he puts his hands behind his back rather than on his heart, when not a tear drops in memory and reflection of all those who have laid down their lives to hold our freedoms secure for us all!!!

My mother and father both survived WWII. Both survived concentration camps.

My mother is a survivor of the Japanese concentration camps in Indonesia. She was 11 and lived the horrors and atrocities, kept awake at night by the screams of those being tortured on the other side of the wall, as she and her younger siblings were starving day after day getting skinnier and skinnier; watching as others around them never wake up again and are taken away as the mother and her remaining hollowed-eyed children howl in a sorrow so deep it leaves you completely empty feeling there is nothing left to live for; in an effort to save her siblings and her mother from starvation she stole food from the gardens and trees of the Japanese Commanders, many times narrowly escaping back to her family in the cover of darkness the nights brought; and when the war was finally over and they were released and prepared to be shipped to Holland (for they were not allowed to return to the plantation), getting word that her father, her hero, the man she idolized the most and desperately needed, who was taken and put into separate camps from the family years earlier, died from starvation just months before the war was over, never to be seen again. It changes you. It makes you hard because if it doesn’t, you die, for it is survival of the fittest! My mother was then 14.

My father survived the Dutch concentration camps, even though he was ½ Dutch. The problem was that he was also ½ German. His Dutch father was a Pharmacist who was recruited by the Nazi’s for his skills. Let’s look at this, shall we? My father, an innocent child 9 years of age was considered a traitor! I promise you he hated the Nazi’s and anything the prevented the people from having their freedom. When my father became a US citizen it was a day marked as one of the happiest of his life. He spent the rest of his life traveling all over the western United States speaking in Universities, Colleges, High Schools, Jr. High Schools, all sorts of congregations on the freedoms this country stands for. He cherished every moment of his life in freedom. He loved this country only second to God and Jesus Christ. In today’s society we have no idea what it is like to have armed military on our streets in combat with oppressors, bullets flying past you as you pick up your child and run for cover, as you look back and see the other child that had been playing in the street shot dead lying in a crippled heap where you stood just a moment before, where in the middle of the night the air raid sirens screaming that tare you and your children from a peaceful sleep like large sharp claws shredding your sanity as you grab your children and race for the bomb shelter, as you hear the planes overhead dropping bomb after bomb after bomb leveling what was your home and leaving you exposed with no place safe to run to; with freezing wet weather leaving you so cold and wet that you lose your toes to frost bit as you desperately carry your sickly child and hold tight to your other child running from Holland, to Germany, to Switzerland, back and forth trying desperately to stay alive, narrowly escaping capture, narrowly escaping death, time and time again, and desperately trying to find what scraps of food you can. That was the life of my father, the sickly child, and his mother and sister.

It terrifies me to see Obama anywhere near the Whitehouse and it horrifies me to have him as the Dictator over what was OUR Country!!! Politically correct has chopped away reality and we have allowed that, and with it we have lost chunk by chunk the very fabric of our country. I stand when I hear our National Anthem. I place my hand over my heart when I hear our National Anthem see our great flag, and I weep uncontrollably as I try to sing the National Anthem and I recall the stories of my parents and what they survived and how they love this great nation of our, and as I see the pictures, the video, and the stories of all those who have previously and who today serve and protect, here and abroad, for our freedom and for the freedom of the oppressed who need help in taking their freedom back. These committed men and woman, regardless of their particular role believe in what they are doing. They are committed and they have given up months and years with their families and life as they knew it to serve their fellow man.

No, Obama represent none of these things. No candidate is perfect, and as in all politics, there is a certain amount of ‘selective memory’, falsehoods and flat out lies. With these things in mind along with the many issues, values, morals, and associations of the present candidates, and after many hours on my knees in prayer, I make my selection.

Let us all be down on our knees as we contemplate our future and vote accordingly.